Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dous dous!

dous with the hello kitty bag i bought. Suits her eh!
the ever enthusiastic yizhang

dous happy with her kway teow

mimicking adults

dous playing with ah-ma

We had lunch at ellenborough on Monday. This place must had been one of our usual makan place and we liked it for the variety in food, the durian penyat, location, buffet style and the spaciousness to sit 6 adults, 1 toddler, a pram, hot water flasks and our other barangs.

Maybe things do have a maximum utility rate, this place didn't appeal to me as much as it did. The durian penyat was good and that was about the only thing i could remember. Not that the stuff were not good, but I couldn't really stand to see or stomach too much heavy food Anyways, just as well. Time to cut back on high cholesterol, over stuffing activities. Looking at and playing with dous is much much more enjoyable!

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