Saturday, August 22, 2009

a possible 3rd realm

and...until i figure out what is happening to blogger...this will be the site to visit
argh. what is happening to my blogger post page? It looks foreign!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Old Times

I was reading through my old blog that I started to document the China stay and I realized that I was writing much more ‘content’ then now (which is turning out to be quite a pictorial blog….)

Randomly picked a few entries and found the ‘scrapbook of memories in China”. This was documented at the end of the 2 years, can safely say that it is quite an accurate summary J

Can we do a similar post of “Singapore Snapshots”?

1) house parties at weilin's (that involves the preparation in the kitchen, ie.peeling garlics and potatoes like i said previously....=p) + house parties at many many other friends' (basically always stuffing ourselves full)
2) koke at cashbox
3) cooking wkday dinners (to save $$)
4) checking out new restaurants from cityweekend, timeout, that's BJ etc.
5) hiking at
5) 6 greatwall climbs
7) buying dvds and cds, and my first time euphoria when looking at the price
8) exasperated at no shopping at all
9) massage at taipan
10) 1st time moving house all by myself (big big project that was)
11) apartment viewings and having fun criticising the interior deco
12) my 2 birthday sabo-ed sessions
13) domestic flight delays
14) seeing snow fall the first time, at awe with snow flake patterns, leaving footprints in the snow, creating angels in the snow, falling in the snow
15) dvd marathons (esp KOREAN dramas!!)
16) excitment of seeing the first green shoots of spring
17) beauty of sakura and other colorful flowers during spring
18) setting off firecrackers and fireworks
19) pedicure at lovely nails
20) eating
烤羊肉串 at xinjiang restaurants
21) eating hotpots during winter
22) wearing layers of clothing and thick down jackets at minus 10 deg.
23) forgetting to wear thick clothing during winter
24) sandstorms
25) eating by the road side stalls
26) domestic travels
27) COLD COLD HARBIN (and how i forgot my down jacket)
28) nuahing
29) that special moment in inner mongolia
30) going to weilin's house all dressed up, only to couch and watch dvds
31) crazed inclinations to do spontaneous stuff
32) awesome flag raising at
33) blocked taiwanese news on CNA
34) going to the gym more religiously then ever
35) carrying wads of rmb to pay rent every month becos the largest denomination is 100
36) avoiding spits
37) stuck at bad bad bad bad traffic for more than 1 hr
38) eating in small local hutong restaurants
39) DnD beijing opera appearence, emcee appearence
40) cool and very
特色 pubs (and cheap drinks!!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Safra AHM 2009

nearing the 21km mark

Waiting for the official timing, but if my watch does not fail me, it's 2h:16mins. (afternote-its actually 2:17:09)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dous dous!

dous with the hello kitty bag i bought. Suits her eh!
the ever enthusiastic yizhang

dous happy with her kway teow

mimicking adults

dous playing with ah-ma

We had lunch at ellenborough on Monday. This place must had been one of our usual makan place and we liked it for the variety in food, the durian penyat, location, buffet style and the spaciousness to sit 6 adults, 1 toddler, a pram, hot water flasks and our other barangs.

Maybe things do have a maximum utility rate, this place didn't appeal to me as much as it did. The durian penyat was good and that was about the only thing i could remember. Not that the stuff were not good, but I couldn't really stand to see or stomach too much heavy food Anyways, just as well. Time to cut back on high cholesterol, over stuffing activities. Looking at and playing with dous is much much more enjoyable!

Blueberry muffins

FINALLY. I asked zzz for the recipe that makes those blueberry muffins I like. Cake like texture and a crusty top. Never mind zzz insists that this is not the traditional way of making muffins.

No more careful folding (imagine, 8-10 folds MAX!!).
Just add and swish and add and swirl.

Did i mention that i did this all by myself? INCLUDING the washing up?? heh (OK, besides the muffin tins)

Now, how do i make the crust erm, crustier?

Monday, August 10, 2009


Distance: 9km
Time: 51mins
Weather: PERFECT. drizzle, breeze, overcast.
Feeling: really really good